Are you Dedicated, Persistent, Honest & Have a passion to see others succeed?

Are you Driven, Have Integrity & a People Personality?
Are you tired of working for Gyms that pocket 80% of the profit, While you make an hourly wage?
Or, Don't know how to get your Personal Training Business started?
I have the answers you've been looking for!
Hello, my name is Tim Underwood. I'm the owner & operator of All Points Personal Training in Gray, TN. With over 34 years of knowledge & experience in the Fitness Industry, I know what it takes to succeed. I hold several Body Building titles, Including two Mr. USA Titles, and have seven personal training certifications.
My passion has always been to help people succeed.
I want to help you succeed!
Giving Back some of what I have been given, All Points Fitness, Inc. is now offering an Unique Business Opportunity To Help YOU Start Your Own Business!
What do you need?
Your own Business Cards
Your own Cell Phone
At least one Paying Client
I'll take care of the rest!
Call or E-mail me today to schedule an appointment to discuss YOUR Future & Open the door to Limitless Possibilities!
I look forward to the opportunity to help you succeed!

Have a Blessed Day!