Attention Personal Trainers

Trainer's Opportunity

Are you Dedicated, Persistent, Honest & Have a passion to see others succeed?  

Are you Driven, Have Integrity, and a People Personality?    

Are you tired of working for Gyms that pocket 80% of the profit, While you make an hourly wage? Or, Don't know how to get your Personal Training Business started?    

I have the answers you've been looking for!  

Hello, my name is Tim Underwood. I'm the owner & operator of All Points Personal Training in Gray, TN. With over 40 years of knowledge & experience in the Fitness Industry, I know what it takes for trainers to succeed. 

I hold several Body Building titles, Including two Mr. USA Titles, and have seven personal training certifications.    

My passion has always been to help people succeed, AND I want to help you succeed!     

Giving Back some of what I have been given, All Points Fitness, Inc. is now offering an Unique Business Opportunity To Help YOU Start Your Own Business!  

What do you need? 

  • Certification Insurance 
  • Your own Business Cards 
  • Your own Cell Phone 
  • At least one Paying Client    

I'll take care of the rest!  

Call or E-mail me today to schedule an appointment to discuss YOUR Future & Open the door to Limitless Possibilities! 

I look forward to the opportunity to help you succeed!   
Have a Blessed Day!