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Master Personal Trainer ~ Tim Underwood


I'm Tim Underwood - the owner of All Points Personal Training. 

I began my career as a Trainer in 1978. 

Since that time, I've helped thousands of people (just like you) reach their exercise & fitness goals. 

I have a true passion to inspire & motivate others, & I believe that my education, & experience 

is what sets me apart as a Personal Trainer. 

Most importantly, I recognize that each of us are unique, 

and so our needs are just as individual and unique as we are.
No two people can train the same way, and no two shoulder or back injuries are the same.
Each person requires a training program as unique as they are to get them where they want to be.


  • 40 Years as a Trainer.
  • 7 different Training Certifications from Weight Loss to Sports Training.
  • Over 61,000 training sessions with clients from ages 10 - 93. 
  • Some of my clients have been with me for 20 years!
  • 8 years as a competitive body builder.
  • I hold several different BodyBuilding titles (including two Mr. USA Titles).

Accolades & Achievements:

  • Mr. Teenage Knoxville 
  • Mr. Southwest VA
  • Mr. Upper East TN
  • Mr. Coastal USA
  • Mr. JR USA 
  • Mr. Gold's Classic
  • Member of the South Carolina State Power Lifting Championship Team
  • Member of the South Carolina State Olympic Lifting Championship Team
  • State Representative for Virginia AAU Body Building Federation
  • 2 Time Mr. America competitor - Ranked 9th in the Nation - Light Heavy Weight Division
  • Ed Connors (owner of Gold's Gym) personally invited me to come to Venice Beach CA to train at Gold's Gym with the top Body Builders I had read about in magazines. 

Over the years, I've been fortunate to share training tips, techniques, nutrition, & have received career advice from:

  •  Lee Haney (8 time Mr. Olympia)
  •  Matt Mendenhall (2nd place Mr. America)
  • Mike Christian (3rd place Mr. Olympia)

Although Body Building, & Winning Competitions was rewarding, 

the most exciting, & awesome part of my career Is The People Who Show Up!

Recent Client Success Stories:

  • Zook M. - At 83 yrs old fell down 13 flights of stairs & only sustained minor injuries due to 18 years of fitness Training. 
  • Arden H. - At 93 yrs old is still lifting 200 lbs 10 times due to 19 years of fitness training. 
  • Matt T. - Lost 75 pounds, & 12 pant sizes in just 3 months of fitness training so he could join the US Navy. 
  • Betsy S. - After suffering a heart attack was afraid to do anything, after she started fitness training she lost 35 pounds & now trains as hard as anyone in the class. 

Throughout my career, I've also had the privilege of training:

  • NFL Player Chris Gardocki - Punter for the Chicago Bears
  • NBA Player Charles Shackleford - Philadelphia 76ers
  • USA Olympian Kevin McMichael - USA Olympic Bobsled Team
  • Movie Star - Fred Ward
  • High School Football State Champions - JJ Kelley High School 1981
  • Several Beauty Pageant Contestants

Are you ready to reach your fitness goals?

Let your journey begin!