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Testimonials: Lose Weight, Increase Energy, Improve Health

Matt Tipton

I owe my life to All Points Personal Training. My entire life I was heavy, really heavy. My senior year of high school, 18 years old, I got up to 275 lbs for a 5'10" male, I knew that I needed to lose weight. I became determined that I was going to change everything and enlist in the US Navy. With the assistance and direction of Tim Underwood I have lost 75 lbs and 12 pant sizes in roughly 3 months. I love going to workout. You could be having the worst day of your life and as soon as you walk through the door your day automatically becomes great. All Points is ALWAYS very professional, very helpful, very motivating, it is a pleasure every time. It is hands down the best money I have ever spent, worth every penny. This gym has made me a new man. It's not just a gym, it becomes your family. From the trainer to the other gym members everybody supports you and encourages you to do better. If you ever have any questions you will find the answer. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS EXPERIENCE TO ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY 100% OF THE TIME.


I joined All Points because I wanted to go to the pool with my friends without being self conscious of my weight.  After a year of training with Tim, I lost 40 pounds!

Mary Buckley Sutton

Prior to joining All Points, I worked out three times a week for a year and a half at a nationally franchised fitness center for women. Although I had seen results, they were not as dramatic as I've seen since joining All Points. Within just three weeks of working out three times a week at All Points, I've seen an increase in muscle tone and definition, AND I have more stamina and energy.

The exercise and weights are customized to target my specific needs and ability. I can now do sit-ups without causing lower back pain because I'm instructed in the correct form and technique for each exercise. Even though there are others in my exercise class, I feel as if I have my own personal trainer!

Ryan Mayes

I met Tim Underwood, the owner of All Points Personal Training approximately 4 years ago, through one of his family members. As I got to know Tim better, I was extremely inspired by his drive & stamina. He just never quits, whether we were working out or working in the yard, when I stopped to take breaks he just kept going & going & that always intrigued me. 

I’ve always been athletic & competed in gymnastics from the ages of 7-11. We trained for 20 hours a week (4 hours per day / 5 days per week) not including weekend competitions. 

I was tired of being small both physically (5’8”), & mentally & asked Tim if he would start training me. At first, he said “No - not until I know that you’re committed, otherwise we’ll both be wasting our time”. 

So I started training on my own in May 2017, but it wasn’t every day & my diet wasn’t a priority. It wasn’t until August 2017 that I decided to get up at 4:30, rain or shine, & go work out by myself at a local gym until 7:30.

That’s when Tim agreed to train me. I was excited for the opportunity because getting to train with someone who has the background that Tim does is extremely motivating & inspiring.

Tim taught me the importance of nutrition, full range of motion & the correct technique & form to use for each machine to achieve the best possible results, but the biggest thing that he taught me was the philosophy behind training. With each exercise, he explained to me why I was doing that exercise, & which specific muscles that exercise would work. Most trainers just tell you to do an exercise but don't explain why. 

When you understand the philosophy behind your training, eat healthier, & use the correct form, along with full range of motion you become more confident in what you’re doing & realize that you are on the right path to reaching your goals because you start seeing results pretty quickly. 

Tim also encouraged me & held me accountable which kept me on the right path. Most importantly he leads by example.

Through my journey with Tim Underwood at All Points Personal Training I’ve never been in better shape my whole life & it only took a year to get me there! I highly recommend All Points Personal Training to anybody & everybody

Rita S.

My name is Rita. I noticed that I was gaining weight at age 40, & it was becoming harder & harder to lose the weight because of a sedentary job & life style. 

The turning point for me was when my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. She wanted me to start taking medication. I was already using a C-Pap machine, & taking blood pressure medicine. Alarm bells went off in my head, & I begged her to let me try dieting & exercise first. 

I tried starvation diets, & big name diet programs for several years. I would lose weight, & then always gain the weight back after I stopped tracking the points.  

I was talking to a wonderful friend about my weight issue, & not having any energy. She introduced me to Tim Underwood, owner of All Points Personal Training, in November 2014.

Tim is a personal fitness trainer. He requested for me to complete a member enrollment form, & a health questionnaire. He recorded my weight, my measurements, & blood pressure. My goal was to lose 20 pounds, tighten up my body, & improve my health. 

Tim met with me, one on one, to go over using each one of the machines in the gym. I started attending a group class 2 times a week. This circuit training program incorporates tread mills, weight machines, & body strengthening exercises to give you a total body work out. Tim pre-plans the exercise routine, & changes up the routine from week to week. 

I am exercising in a group, & am exercising longer than if I was doing a program on my own. I also have a personal fitness trainer at each class to encourage me, & point out if I am doing an exercise incorrectly. 

I have lost 45 pounds, & have improved my total body health. I have maintained this weight for 2 years through my regular exercise program, & the Keto diet. I have increased stamina, have tightened my stomach, core, upper arms, & I have more energy. 

I am NOT taking any diabetic medications, & I was taken off of my C-Pap machine. This has been a life changing event for me, & I am NOT going back!

Do you want to lose weight in a fun environment? Do you want to feel better, & have more energy? Come join us!

Larry M.

In the late 90's I quit smoking & by the early 2000's I found myself completely out of shape. A family member told me about a personal trainer that could help me. 

I called Tim Underwood with All Points Personal Training & set up an appointment to do an interview with him. I started training a week or so later. My first day of training was with a big gut, skinny arms, bird legs, & not enough muscle mass to matter, at 236 pounds. 

Three months later I could feel a big difference, six months later I could see a big difference, & nine months later everyone could see a big difference. 

One year after starting my training, I had no gut, muscular legs, 17.5 inch arms, 194 pounds, & my wife was saying "Oh Baby".

The training became a part of my life. I loved the gym, the people that I trained with became my second family, & Tim Underwood became my brother. 

After a while I decided to go to another gym & train on my own. I quickly found out that without motivation & a motivator that things didn't work out very well. 

After 3-4 years, & taking a few punches that life hit me with I was back to 231 pounds, my gut was back, & I was beginning to not like myself very much. With encouragement from my wife, & a long talk with Tim, I returned to All Points Personal Training & started training again under Tim's direction.

I am now back on track, & looking forward to meeting my goals on many fronts. Tim Underwood is not only the best trainer around the Tri Cities, he is a very dear friend. Come join us & you will see for yourself. 

Caroline Mosrie

My husband and I, being newly retired, planned to take care of our home and lawn needs ourselves. We were excited about all the time and freedom we would have in this new era of our lives. Of course, it did not take long for us to realize our physical limits and have to put up with stiff joints and soreness.

We found All Points, Tim turned out to be the answer to our needs. He started us with gentle, gradual work-outs to help us meet our fitness goals. Now, we KNOW we would be much more limited in all our activities had we not begun our fitness program. We also had to be dedicated enough to stay with it.

By working with Tim regularly, we have not had injury. Because we are more fit, we feel good and can do pretty much anything we want to do, within reason.

My husband read an article that said people in nursing homes and other residential facilities would not be there if they had maintained physical strength. I believe this.

Tim Underwood is well qualified to adjust a workout program to fit the goals of his clients. He is motivating and personable. He wants us to feel good and be able to meet our goals in physical activity. I am very thankful for All Points and Tim Underwood.

Dan Minor

I am a senior and can say that I have toned and strengthened my body more so than I would have thought possible. My attitude toward life in general is great and I feel wonderful. I enjoy my class and all those who are in it.

Cathy Brown

All Points is not like any gym I have been to. You have a trainer in each class to make sure you are using the correct form. I always feel inspired as soon as I walk through the door and focus on what I will be getting out of the class that day. I found myself getting stronger, noticing definition forming in parts of my body that I did not realize even had muscles. I see now why it is a benefit to have training in class because you are getting the max from every exercise. Also, with a trainer we are motivated to do that extra rep, do a little more than we would normally do by ourselves. We use exercise programs that will work out our entire body and not overwork just one part. Triceps, biceps, traps, deltoids, lats, abs, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings all get equal billing. 

Trey Hensley

Hey, my name is Trey Hensley.  I'm 17 years old. I've been coming to All Points Personal Training for about 7 months. During that time, I've gone from 43% body fat down to 14.8%, and I've lost 40 pounds. I'm in one of the All Points Instructed Fitness Classes. My physical strength has gone up. My singing and stage performance as for as stamina and power has increased dramatically. I would recommend All Points to anyone wanting to get in shape the right way with a lot of added benefits.

Angela Hayes

I've been a member of All Points Personal Training for 3 years. I will be 50 in 2 months and thanks to trainer Tim Underwood, I feel like I'm 25 again. I love the fact that I receive one-on-one training during each workout because this pushes me to do the work needed in order to achieve the goals I want ... weight loss, improved muscle tone, flexibility, and cardio endurance. Thanks so much Tim and All Points for giving me back my youth! 

Brian Woods

If you're seeking a smaller setting (versus a huge health club) and more individualized attention - then this is your place. Tim Underwood really does invest his time and energy into his clientele. I've known Tim since the early 80's (from his first gym, Brutes Gym) and he's lived the discipline, knows the trade, and has the extensive experience that can can help you reach your goals. For those who prefer training on their own, a large health club will do ... but for those who prefer someone to guide, coach, teach, and measure their success, go to All Points.